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Non Profit Venue Rental Request For Proposal

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  2. Which Is The Best Way To Contact You?*

  3. Is your organization a 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 non profit corporation?*

  4. If requested, will you be able to provide us with a copy of the IRS Designation Letter to prove your non profit status?*

  5. If you have reviewed the bar service packages we have available and chosen one that fits your needs, please check the appropriate choice. If you have not reviewed our available bar service packages or need help in choosing the most appropriate for your needs, please check "Not Sure". In addition to the prices below, there is a $75 set up fee per bar which includes cocktail napkins, disposable cups, straws and ice. Our experienced bartenders are charged at the rate of $13 per bartender per hour. The number of bartenders needed will be determined by our event specialist and will be based on the type of bar service, hours of service and guest count. One bartender is required per 100 guests. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on our premises.*

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  6. Besides the auditorium, will you require other additional space such as meet & greet rooms, merchandise sales, catering, etc?*

  7. Besides basic sound and lighting, will you require any of the additional equipment or services listed below?*

    Check All That May Apply. If you are not sure, please check Not Sure. If none, please check None.

  8. Are you interested in using the Memorial Opera House Online Ticketing Service?*

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