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Listed below is information about auditions for MALE characters in Legally Blonde, The Musical.

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Character Breakdown

Male Characters

Emmett Forrest:  (Stage Age: 24-27 Actual Age: 18-35) He is one of Harvard’s top law students who grew up in Roxbury, MA. He is the editor of the Harvard Law Review, is very goal oriented and Callahan’s teaching assistant. His drive leaves little time for outside social activities, working out or other college life things. He takes interest in Elle and becomes one of her closest friends, her tutor, and biggest supporter. He sees past Elle’s looks to see the smart and driven young lawyer. Emmett is charming, friendly and not your stereotypical leading man. The actor must be a strong singer and actor with good comic timing. B2-A4

Warner Huntington III:  (Stage Age: 22-25 Actual Age: 18-35) He is charming, confident and very good looking. He goes to law school as part of his life plan to be a senator someday. He is self-centered and vain. The actor must be able to sing and move well. D3-G4

Professor Callahan:  (Stage Age:40-60 Actual Age: 25-60) He is a self-important and very manipulative lawyer/law professor who always gets what he wants. He is both charismatic and conniving and is nearly devoid of morals. Callahan is a cross between Harold Hill and Billy Flynn and is what Warner would become if he became a lawyer. The actor must be a strong singer and move well. A2-F#4

*Kyle:  (Stage Age: 25-45 Actual Age: Same) He is the UPS guy and the love of Paulette’s life. He is very muscular, highly masculine and has a speaking voice to match. The actor plays multiple parts throughout the show including Dewey. The actor must be comfortable with dogs and either know/be able to learn Irish step dancing.

*Dewey:  (Stage Age: 30-50 Actual Age: 25-45) He is Paulette’s ex-boyfriend who is a red neck, a drunk and lazy.

*Sundeep Padaman:  (Stage Age: 22-27 Actual Age: 18-35) He is a new Harvard law student who was royalty in his home country until his government was overthrown. The actor must be a good singer and dancer. He will double with other characters throughout the show. E3-C4

*Aaron Schultz:  (Stage Age: 22-27 Actual Age: 18-35) He is a new Harvard law student and multi-millionaire. He is ridiculously accomplished and very sure of himself. The actor must be a good singer and dancer. He will double with other characters throughout the show. C3-E4

*Mr. Woods:  (Stage Age: 48-60 Actual Age: 35-60) He is Elle’s wealthy father. He loves his daughter and although he would rather have her stay in California, he is willing to pay for Elle to attend Harvard. We are looking for a good character actor who can sing and move well. D3- F#4

*Carlos/Nikos:  (Stage Age: 25-35 Actual Age: 18-35) They are a same-sex couple who are laying low until an opportune moment. Nikos is Brooke’s pool boy who alleges that he had an affair with her until Carlos outs him on the stand. Both actors will be used for other characters in the show. Actors must be comfortable dancing with and also kissing another male. Carlos sings (C3-G4) while Nikos has scene work. Both double other parts.

*Winthrop, Lowell and Pforzheimer:  (Stage Age: 35-55 Actual Age 18-55) They are the Harvard Admissions Council Members who evaluate Elle’s entrance into Harvard. All actors sing and dance in the scene and double with other parts. C3-E#4

*Grand Master Chad:  (Stage Age 18-24 Actual Age 18-35) He is a Reggae Rapper/Hip Hop Dancer and featured singer/dancer in What You Want number. The actor needs to be able to sing, dance and rap, he will also double with other parts. D3-E4

Other Male Characters:  (Stage Age: 18-60 Actual Age: Same) All actors who play these characters will be used multiple time through the entire production. Many have featured solos and/or lines. Looking for actors and singers who can dance and can show differences for each character they play.

• KiKi- Hair Colorist

• UCLA Frat Boys- Dancers with the Hip Hop section, actors should be comfortable having no shirt on.

• Harvard Students/Professors

• Bailiff/ Police officer

• Suit Salesman

• “Bend and Snap” Dancers

• “Whipped into Shape” dancers- jump rope

• “What You Want” Dancers

* indicates a character who will be double cast as other characters in the show.


Audition Notes

The director has chosen music pieces for select character auditions and, if applicable, callbacks. We ask that you please sing the piece for the character you would most like to play. You may be asked to sing for other characters as well. An accompanist will be provided at the auditions. All of the pieces available for download from the page menu or as listed below.

Emmett Audition Piece: CLICK HERE

Emmett & Elle Callback Piece: CLICK HERE

Warner Audition Piece: CLICK HERE

Professor Callahan Audition Piece: CLICK HERE

Grand Master Chad Audition Piece: CLICK HERE

All Other Male Roles & Ensemble Audition Piece: CLICK HERE

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